2 February 2017

Usrah #Jan


first time i knew about usrah kreatif is when i joined their trip to broga last year. we went hiking on it and experienced some unforgettable moments. then, i asked the founder of usrah if they had opened up for new member intake. and alhamdulillah i've been member since october 2016 (tak silap laa). but that time i am facing my spm so i couldn't be an active member so that i'm blaming myself huhu.

this year, since the group had take many actions for making a new transformation for the group which is the rombakan ahli, the rules and so on, so that i want to follow the transformation too hahah; be an active member. i should promise myself to join all uk's events and programs, inshaAllah. i didn't know much about the planning of this year but what i've know are; there will be usrah (meet and greet) for every month in different places, a hiking trip and i'm not sure when is it, maybe in feb or march, and so on.

so, last jan, i've joined the uk's event for the first time! and i'm excited huhu... at first, my decision to join this event is so-so. i really want to meet and be friend with the uk's member since i've never meet them but sometimes i felt like, uhhh i would be shy in front them and don't know what to do and whattttt then??! ijah and ayu is my classmates and also the uk's member but they can't join this event for some reason. so i always thought that i'll be mr miss lonely ~

so i make myself strong (cehhhh) and let the evil's whisper spreading around my mind. my mother sent me at taman tasik shah alam, the biggest one and i'm so shocked how can i recognised the uk's members in thisssss big taman oh no. my mother asked me many times if i'm okay to be alone there before i found the uk's member. i just tell my mother,

''takpe, takpe, sarah okay je bu. pepandailaa sarah hidup, ibu pegi jelaa,''
''so nak hantar sarah kt belah mana ni? ingat senang ke nak jalan satu taman sebesar-besar alam ni nak cari orang yg kita tak pernah jumpa,''

tudiaaa.... i didn't want to make my mother felt worried about me besides i wanted to show off my gentlewoman as i'm the big sister in family yeah (ade kerr??). so i just came out from the car and i waved them back as they waved to me. they were going to ioi mall to berjimbaaa without me huhu rasa mcm nak ikut diorg je tp takpaa lah. i take a seat on somewhere i didn't even know and checked my phone. actually i didn't know what to do so i just checked our whatsapp's group if someone had arrived here. but the line is soooooooooo siputt or maybe i didn't renew the internet's quota. 

then i wanted to make a call to any members who will join the event so that it would be more easy. i picked up 'kak qis' number and called her. then,

'ini adalah servis blablabla.... sila tambah nilai untuk membuat panggilan selanjutnya. tuttt'

oh myyyyy i baru teringat yang i lupa nak topup huwaaa. nasib baik boleh ask topup lagi dapatlahh 7 henggett. *muka bangga hutang dgn maxis

''hello, assalamualaikum. ni kak qis ke?''
''haah ni kak qis, siapa ni?''
''ni sarah. ahli uk. kak qis dah sampai ke? sarah dh sampai ni tp tak tahu nak pergi mana huhu''
''ohh kak qis pun dah sampai ni ada kt tmpt parking,''

i were excited when she mentioned 'tempat parking' because the place i take a seat is in front of car park. 

''oh yeke kak qis kat belah mana?''
''kak qis kt tmpt parking belah yg ada boat kt tasik nih,''

adudududu boat mana pulak ni aihh. then i found a map. the map of the taman tasik shah alam. it is soooooo big, and my position from kak qis was very farr farr awayy as i saw the boat station and my posititon that time was so far. so i just follow the map by walking through the right side until i met kak qiss... and the gangg huhu. at first i felt shy but until i get myself into them fuhh. 

usrah kreatif
*perjalan merentasi benua untuk menemui cinta sejati si comel. erkkk.
btw comel betul i draw map tasik shah alam, jgn depa saman aku sbb salah draw dah lerr

so far the event running smoothly. at first slot, the talk was given by sis arnessa abdullah. i'd never knew about her before this but she is really a good speaker. her english is so fluent. she gave us a talk about how to proof self impact. macam cara nak jadi speaker laa bercakap dpn orang ramai dgn yakin dan tangan tak ketaqq macam aku huhu.

usrah kreatif
semua khusyuk jaa dengar dia public speaking. suka gila weyhh dengar talk dia.

tema kitorang pink hitam huhu takdelaa susah mana nak cari diorg kat taman
sebesar-besar alam tu :3

usrah kreatif

after zuhr, we have 2 slot given by bro halim and bro irman. they're talking about photographic and video graphic. the filling was so interesting for newbie like me even i didn't have any camera to shoot or practice that time together with them but i'm sure that all their explanation about photographic and video graphic would be helpful for me one day. inshaAllah.

halim ghani

act time slot bro halim tetiba hujann so kami mencari tempat berteduh tadaaa

tu yg mcm magic tetibe 'eh, dh ubah tmpt tetibe woww'

cam beshee. i always be the first one who going back home. hihi. muka tak malu bangung tetiba cakap my mother dah sampai. then we all greet each other before i'm turning back into miss lonely going to my mother car huhu. and i got some free gift from them. i got a mini yasiin and tasbih, also something people will call err, coffee soap i think. and a big poster of arabic language sponsored by sis adhwa. thank you for everything, ladss! 

here i give you a smile that you will never forget;

later i promised myself to join any other uk's event and program, inshaAllah. so here i want to invite all ladiess/makcikss/nenekss to join our camp this march. this camp will be held on 10 until 12 march 2017 at Nur Laman Bestari Resort, Ulu Yam, Selangor. so let's take grab this opportunities to meet me (the comelss) muahahaha. jkjk. the fees for this camp is only RM120 and RM100 for the first of 20 participants. Hurry up before you're late hehe. 

i'am one of the ajk for this camp so i'll let you know what activities will be held soon;
  • night walk
  • ldk & slot motivasi
  • pengurusan jenazah
  • kerohanian berjemaah
  • explorace: masterchef rimba
  • aktiviti rempuh halangan
  • riadah & sukaneka
  • malam kebudayaan islam

we're also inviting the famous instadakwah:
  • @GadisMonolog
  • @thegadismisteri

fyi, this camp is not limited to youngstersss only but even your mom or your tokwan can join this camp as long as they are a woman. hahaha.

to those who are interested with this camp, kindly contact sis faizah on 012-364 4378 or sis ainun 010-894 1493. you can whatsapp them to ask many about your concerns with this camp but not to mengorat okayhh. let's spread this camp through your friends and family members.

this is not a rumor because i'm one of the participants okay. so lets.

kem interaktif muslimah 2017.