14 May 2016

Mak Jah's Writing (English Essay SPM)

Mak Jah's Writing

Izzah is one of my classmates. I call her Mak Jah huhu. Teacher Mastura asks us to write an essay. Do read her essay :)


The first day I met him, I felt very curious about him. There's something disturbed me as he came with a secret that nobody knows. He came to my class with his loose uniform, dirty shoes and his face like a worrywart. I don't know what makes him be like that. Because of new school I thought. He has long ears, little overweight and from my perspective, he was such a loser. I really can't forget the day when everybody talked about him. They described him as fat, poor, really down to earth and easy to bullied. Far in my heart, I really sympathize with him. But, there is nothing that I can do for him.

As time passing by, he had school here for a week. Everybody in my class put such a poop on his head. They were really mean to him. In addition, there was a news about he was a troublemaker who had been kicked out. He doesn't mad at all but surprisingly he smiles every time he had been bullied. After a week, everyone who had done such a thing to him stopped as they had a hard time to see his smile.

One evening, I met him by chance at the park. He was alone reading a book. I greeted him with a smile. Almost one hour we spent time together, story about our life. Then, I took a chance to ask him question that I really curious on;

''Your face says that you always worried about something. Is there anything that makes you uncomfortable?'' He nodded and our conversation became quiet a while. Suddenly he said;

''I really wants to ask forgiveness from them. I really regret.'' He tells me everything about his story life. I really sad that I can't stand my tears anymore.

Back then, he was a trouble student. Everybody afraid of him and he can do whatever he wanted to. Stealing, bullying and smoking had been a routine for him. Almost every month he will be taken for disciplinary sessions. His parents was very disappointed with him. Every time he was home, nagging will come to his ears. Like usual, he will snark and shout to his parents to zip up their mouth.

Until one day, he got a call from headmaster. He thought, ''There must be a disciplinary session again. What a mess!''. Unfortunately, he was wrong. His parents got into an accident and died. He startled and crying over. His heart felt as it had been ripped blood and pulsating from his chest. He can't accept his parent's death. What the most sad phrase is when he said;

''When my parents died last year, I lost my will to live. I always worried if I do the same mistakes.''

He spent almost one year learning how to survive without his parents. Since that, he lived with his grandmother.

I understand how the feeling of losing both of them. I can't imagine if I had to go through the same situation like him. How can I put one foot in front of the other when the ground beneath is crumbling? How can I survive easily when I had done such bad things toward my parents? How can I chat happily when unshed tears claw at my throat? All these questions disturbed my mind. His history realized me that parents are everything. We must do good deeds as much as we can before they stopped at their death's door.

- Izzah Inarah Sahidan